Name: Padow's Odyssey @ Cross B aka "Ody"


Date of Birth: 08/05/13

Color: Cream

Sex: Male

Breeder: Kurt Williams

Owner: Janet Burke

OFA Hips- CC-4472G27M-VPI

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ch. Xishan's Maximil-One Ch. Xishan's Put It On Red P-Chi Ch. Xishan's Guardian Angel Ch. Cherie's The Chosen One  
Ch. Cross B Ruby At
Ch. Nan-Tan-N-Cross B Rose Bokay Ch. Cross B's Home Alone  
Ch. Nan-Tan's White Diamonds  
Xishan When U Wish Upona-Star Ch. Cherie's The Chosen One Ch. Cherie's One Of A Kind  
Ch. Cherie's Total Eclipse  
Jen Absolut QT O'Desertmoon Ch. Eldorado's The Bellringer  
Cheries Diamond Lil For Jen  
Padow's Lucille Van Pelt Xishan-N-Jmirage's Klondike Ch. Xishan Where The West Begins Ch. Cherie's The Chosen One  
Jen Absolut QT O'Desertmoon  
Padow's The Whole Enchilada Tansek's Gizmo  
Ch. Padows Red Hot Chili Pepper  
Padow's I'm A Tuff Puzzled Flower Mister Bears Snow Tuff Mister Bears Snow Storm  
Mister Bears Peach Wallace  
CeJam's Im Puzzled Over you Ch. Mei-Lings Simba Of CeJam  
Ch. Tansek's Ivory Coast At CeJam  

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