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Name:  Canis Leo's Ready For Action aka "Ready"
Registration: NP42046002
Date of Birth: 11/27/2015
Color: Red
Sex: Male
Owner: Janet Burke
Breeder: James W. Lyons Jr. & Jeff Iurato
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Royal Red King's Reign Ch. Prim S Krasnoy Gorki Elegant Royal Ch. Le-Pash-Eno-Ran Vencedor Ch. Yonhaltijain Dernyn Morri Ch. Chowderny Xinling-Shi
Ch. C'hengtus Creme Nothern Light
Ch. Le-Pash River Ch. Le-Pash Gendolf
Le-Szi-ni Venus
Le-Pash Chio San (Kurz.) Ch. Le-Pash Merlin (Kurz.) Ch. Le-Pash Gendolf
Le-Pash Viva Viktoriya
Le-Pash Kassiopeya Ch. Piuk Chow Royal Daish Prnice Russ
Le-Szi-ni Venus
Ch. Royal Can't Touch This Ch. Cross B's Best Of The Blues RN CGC Ch. Cross B's Thunder Cloud Ch. Xishan's Guardian Angel, ROM
Ch. Cross B's Dancin' On Ice, ROM
Ch. Cross B's Chance In The Wind Cross B's Every Chance I get ROM
Cross B's Treasure"N" The Wind
Ch. Royal My Angel Is A Centerfold Ch. Jubees Star Matao Ch. Redcloud Big Picture
Mi-Tu's Shelby
Ch. Royal Love Me Tender Ch. Chinarose In Syndication
Ch. Jidi From Fuzzy To Smoothie

Imperial Dream Of Princess Deliah

Rossy Elatus

Rossy White Romeo

Rossy Shogun

Orfi-Red-Kite Od Halusku

Rossy Fanni

Rossy Kristaly

Rossy Zeus Chow

Ch. Rossy Kitty Chow

Fearless Heart Imperial Golden Lady

Ch. Bon Triumph Dariy Black King

Ch. Dark Side Of The Moon Dei Leoni Imperiali

Ch. Anita Exclusive

Rubin Asterhaus Taezhnaya Skazka

Ch. Dawnanda Distinguished Don

Ch. Rubin Asterhaus Ledyanaya Zvezdochka

Cantons Imperial Princess

Ch. Canton Cherub Puff Daddy

Medley's Othello

Ch. Bandit's Monterrey Jack

Risen Sun's Run For The Money

M.V.'s Jasmine

Ch. Ta-Chi's Tennessee Tucker

Shanghai's Lil Bit Of Heaven

Amulet Canton Zelda

Harvy Pooka V. Juttersburch

Doi-Li-Chang Van Juttersburch

Eline-Kiri Vom Wiesfeld

Ching Red Bear

Ro'-Lyn Arrogant Heir

Ts'Ung Lin Coco Cream Baby

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