Cross B Chows......Janet Burke

#2....What level of success/participation have you achieved and in what areas?
Owner of the #1 Supreme Chow in 1989...Ch. Bondsai's Bullet Hitth Bullsi ROM
The Chow Chow Defeating the Greatest Number of Chow Chows
Breeder of the Year 1989  Janet & Pat Burke
Breeder of the Year 1990  Janet & Pat Burke / Doug & Pam Bailey
Ch. Cross B's Magic Bettina ROM
Breeder / Co-owner of Brood Bitch of the Year 1991
Janet Burke Breeder Awards
Circle of Honor Bronze Award in 1998
Circle of Honor Silver Award in 1998
Circle of Honor Gold Award in 2000
Ch. Barjo's Notorious ROM
Sire of more than 50 Champions
Stud Dog of the year, 1990 and 1991
Winner of the Stud Dog Class at the 1996 National Speciality
STUD DOG, Circle of Honor Bronze Award in 1998
STUD DOG, Circle of Honor Silver Award in 1998
STUD DOG, Circle of Honor Gold Award in 2001
Ch. Bai-lee's Magic Marquis ROM
BROOD BITCH, Circle of Honor Bronze Award in 1998
BROOD BITCH, Circle of Honor Silver Award in 2000  Breeder-Owner-Handler Ch. Cross B's Golden Tri-Angle
The dog Defeating the Most Dogs by going WD from the BBE class in 1997
Breeder- Owner of Ch. Cross B's Every Chance I Get
#3 Chow Chow of the Year---2000
Breeder of the Dam of  BIS BISS  Ch. Xishan's Guardian Angel
Breeder of BIS CH. Cross B's Impressive Waylon J
Breeder of  Ch. Cross B's Kai O-Sama of Tory
Winner of the Stud Dog Class at the 2000 National Specialty
Register of Merit Award (ROM)  has been achieved on a number of Cross B dogs as well as Ch. Barjo's Notorious, Ch. Bai-lee's Magic Marquis, Ch. Bai-lee's Christmas Miss Zessy, Ch Artpho's Klanci at Cross B, Ch. Chinarose Devil May Care, and Ch. Lov- Chow Jokers Wild O'Cross B.  These are dogs that I have  purchased from other breeders and achieved their ROM's also.

#3....If you could Change anything along the path of your success what would that be and why?
I would have been more selective in letting dogs that I have worked for years to produce get out of my hands.  The novice Chow enthusiast needs to study pedigrees before they purchase a puppy as it takes years of breeding to know what dogs will produce consistent quality. It can be lost in one generation.
I would have collected and had semen frozen from more of my males.  There are some of them I would like to bring back into my pedigrees.  I do have semen frozen from a black dog that goes back to the same pedigree that Ch. Artpho's Klanci At Cross B was from.  This was collected in 1992 and I have a new litter on the ground from Ch. Cross B's Kace of Kountry who is closely related to Klanci.  This is the first time I have used this semen.  I have semen from a red dog as well - Cross B's Magnum Force which I will be bringing back to my pedigrees soon.  This just makes it possible to bring in some new blood after several generations.  I actually knew these dogs so I know what I am dealing with.

#4 ...How would you describe the features/details of the Chow's
most important characteristics?

You have to have a balanced chow.  To describe this balance- the dog has to be square. You should see square all over the dog.  The movement is very important.   If there is not balance, he cannot move correctly.  A narrow front, short or crooked legs, an overdone head, loose feet, big floppy ears is not balanced.  The illustrated standard describes a balanced dog exactly.

#5...On a Scale of 1 to 10, where do you think the breed currently stands in overall quality?
The dogs I have personally seen in the ring lately have been lacking in balance and substance.  I feel that with what I have seen I would rate the overall dogs at a 4.   Too many of the dogs lack correct movement and are long in back.  The quality of our breed cannot improve if inferior dogs are used for breeding.  A CH. title does not improve breed quality, this only deceives the novice.  If a good quality male is bred to an inferior bitch, there might be one ok dog in the litter but what about the next generation? A true breeder should know better than to do that.   
#6...Name a few dogs that would epitomize the standard in your opinion. (Past or present not necessarily your own and not necessarily dogs living.)
The dogs that I bred at my kennel that I felt were very close to the standard were Ch. Cross B's Tanya Tucker, Ch. Cross B's Tommy Tor-rific, and Ch. Cross B's Just Watch Me Baby.  All three were balanced dogs with a temperament that anyone would love to own.
Most of these dogs are found back several generations in my pedigrees.  I have only seen pictures and records of production of most of these dogs listed below.  The ones that impressed me when I started looking at pedigrees were Ch. Melody's Saint Noel, Ch. Don-Lee's Prophet, Ch. Starcrest Mr.Christopher, Ch. Teabear's Cheese Whiz, Ch Checkmate's Cherry Brandy, Ch. Ghat De La Moulaine, Ch Tsang-Po's Bamboo Boy, and of course many others.
Some of the kennels later in my pedigrees are Bondsai, Dragonwych, Pandee, Bai-lee, Rebelrun, Barjo, Chinabear, Imperial, Cherie's, Lov-Chow, and Chinarose.  Credit goes to these breeders who have contributed to the good quality of Cross B Chows.   The research I have done and finding some of these dogs had been top producers along with the success of their breeders is what I based my original foundation on.   Keep in mind it is not always the Top Winning dogs that produce the consistent quality we should all be looking for.

#7...Please share with us one/some of the most memorable moments of your involvement with Chows.
I will have to say that one of the most memorable moments was in 1989 when Ch. Bondsai's Bullet Hitth Bullsi took Best of Breed and was Supreme Chow at the Atlanta National Specialty.  Bullet was asking for that win.  It was breath taking to watch him show.  He was an exceptional show dog.   Bullet was my first male show dog, and this was one of my first experiences watching this type of competition with my dog.  I had only owned a chow a few years when BULLET became Number 1 Supreme Chow.                                                                              
#8....Are you breeding for the judges or are the judges influencing how you breed? Do you feel that one affects the other?
Why would anyone breed for the judges? We have a standard.   My breeding is done with only the standard and consistent quality in mind.  I absolutely do not breed for the judges.   The judges need to adhere to our chow standard.  If they do not do this I certainly do not respect them nor do I go in their ring again.  There are many good judges who adhere to the standard and only put up the best dog in the ring.  I respect them even if I do not win.  I know when there is a better dog in the ring than what I am showing and I appreciate any good dog.  It does me good to see a judge put up th best dog even if it isn't my dog. The illustrated standard is easy to study to learn correctness.  We need to breed toward that, and a good judge will find our dogs..

#9...Which Breeders, judges or dogs influenced the direction of your own bloodlines? And Why?
I respect several breeders, judges, and dogs....I do not believe I can limit my opinion to certain ones.  My answer to this question is answered in question #6, as they have influenced the foundation of Cross B Chows.  My foundation Ch. Barjo's Notorious, Ch. Bai-lee's Magic Marquis, and Ch. Bai-lee's Christmas Miss Zesy.              
#10...If you could choose the ultimate National Specialty judges panel, who would do dogs, bitches, and intersex? Assume no AKC license is required.

Again...I would have to say any one who judges dogs! Not one who looks at the handler.   There are several good judges who do judge dogs..

#11 ...Who is/are the person(s) who were most influential in mentoring you (directly or indirectly)
When I first started showing Chows, Dennis & Jennifer Bond were the ones who started me in the right direction.  They took me to the North Texas Specialty where Bullet (at just past 6 months of age) took WD under Joel Marston.  It was a 4 point major and he took another major the next day as well.  We were at dinner the night before the judging and I overheard Joel say "I don't care who comes in the ring tomorrow with the best dog, I will put that dog up".  Joel didn't have any idea who I was or what dog I was showing and he gave Bullet Winners Dog.  I have respected Joel since then.  He has been one of my favorite people from that day.  Joel has given me encouragement in my breeding program on several different occasions.

#12....How important is mentoring to you with respect to the people you entrust with your own bloodlines?
It is very important as the people who I have entrusted with my bloodlines are usually the ones who are just getting started and they have not experienced some of the things I have encountered in our breed.  All the research in the world is not as valuable as hands on experience.  I have had some well known chow breeders tell me that I will have to decide how to breed the dogs or bitches they have from me as they know nothing about pedigrees.  This is too bad!

#13....Do you think success as a breeder brings more responsibility when people approach you for help in their own situation?
Yes, the responsibility is greater.  However there are those who do not take advice as well as they should.  It is sad when some of the experiences I have had as a breeder are passed on to new people who ignore what they have been told.  For the most part, those who approach me for help are most grateful.

I would like to express my appreciation for being the first Breeder to participate in the "MEET THE BREEDER" program for
Chow Life Magazine.  This is Truly an honor.
My Sincere "THANK YOU"....CROSS B CHOWS.....Janet Burke

Reprinted with permission
Winter 2005 Chow Life     
Kim Bowden, editor


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